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Star Bridge Systems

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Alfred DiMora's High Tech Company

In July 1997, Alfred J. DiMora and Kent L. Gilson formed a company to develop computer hardware and software to exploit the capabilities of a certain type of computer chip called a field programmable gate array (FPGA).  They named it Star Bridge Systems, honoring an earlier DiMora business in the entertainment industry.  Gilson had worked extensively with FPGAs at other companies, and believed that his approach could lead to significantly faster computers in a wide range of applications.

Star Bridge (sometimes called Starbridge) created powerful, high-performance computers and a new software language called Viva, for a new supercomputer concept called hypercomputing. Star Bridge customers include NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and the National Cancer Institute.

Alfred DiMora served as Chairman, CEO, and President. He nurtured the company through its startup phases, culminating in the first delivery to a commercial customer in late 2000. Once the technology was proven successful and orders were flowing, he returned to California to purse his first lovemotorcars.

This section provides a glimpse at the history of Star Bridge under Mr. DiMora's leadership.