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  600 Foot Observattion Wheel

The Voyager Observation Wheel


Alfred DiMora is a key member of the team that is creating Voyager, one of the world's largest Ferris wheels, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 600-foot diameter Voyager V2 Observation Wheel will have 30 observation cars or orbitors, each carrying 20 guests in luxurious accommodations, complete with a full service bar and restroom. At the center of the wheel, 385 feet above the ground, will be a four-story facility, including nightclubs, restaurants, and observation decks. Please visit Voyager's award-winning website, www.voyager-ent.com, for more details on this dynamic project, including a virtual tour of the upcoming wheel.


This is the main rendering of the 600-foot Voyager V2 Observation Wheel. Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge.


The wheel's center will feature restaurants, observation decks, swimming pools, and other attractions 385 feet above the ground.


The V2's three-story base includes the passenger loading facility, restaurants, shops, and the DiMora Motorcar exposition.


Overview shows the restaurants and swimming pools at the 385-foot level of the Voyager Observation Wheel complex.


Conceptual rendering of the inside of one of the 30 orbitors carried on the wheel. The configuration may be changed for dining, weddings, and other uses.


The plush interior of these orbitors includes video displays to communicate with other orbitors, a well-stocked bar, and a restroom for the 27-minute scenic ride.

Spectacular views may be seen from either one of two interior observation decks 385 feet above the ground.

The lights of Las Vegas will add a romantic touch to the fine dining available at the 385-foot level of Voyager.


Alfred and Yvonne DiMora stand by a conceptual model of the Voyager Observation Wheels to be built in Las Vegas and Dubai.


Alfred DiMora discusses engineering plans with Tracy Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Voyager Entertainment International.


Voyager CEO Richard Hannigan and Alfred DiMora survey the Las Vegas skyline to choose a location for Voyager.

Here a conceptual video rendering of how a Voyager might be integrated into the skyline anywhere in the world.