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Ztango - DiMora Series 300
Dragon Series - DiMora Series 250
Sweet Tooth - DiMora Series 250
Nostalgia - DiMora Series 250
Route 66 - DiMora Series 180
Knight Moves - DiMora Series 180
Desert Blade - DiMora Series 180


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Theme Motorcycles

  DiMora TV

Build A Theme Motorcycle

Step away from the crowd and have your own company or organization showcased alongside a custom bike build on our nationally broadcast TV show.

By leveraging our diverse and innovative marketing strategies, your company will garner exposure for your brand, products or services. Continue to reap the benefits of appearing on our show by having the finished bike tour the country at different motorcycle and automotive shows and events.

Donate the bike to charity after the build to benefit others and continue to enhance your company’s public image with a charitable contribution that reaps tax benefits.

DiMora TV’s “Where Themes Begin By DiMora” has a limited number of spots available for a select few companies. You’ll receive recognition on National TV and on the web site as your bike goes from dream to reality.

There are no assembly lines here. Each bike is hand built on the premises by an award winning staff specializing in an attention to detail and creative design at the DiMora Custom Bikes facility in Palm Springs, California.

Contact us today to make your own custom theme bike a reality.