Featured Motorcycles

Ztango - DiMora Series 300
Dragon Series - DiMora Series 250
Sweet Tooth - DiMora Series 250
Nostalgia - DiMora Series 250
Route 66 - DiMora Series 180
Knight Moves - DiMora Series 180
Desert Blade - DiMora Series 180


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Become a Dealer

  Criteria and Requirements

Dealer Criteria and Requirements

For those seeking to build a new dealership or become a dealer for the first time, please contact us directly for information on special programs.


  1. A desirable location with sufficient space to market DiMora Custom Bikes full line of products and services inclusive of motorcycles, parts, accessories, promotional items and apparel.
  2. The ability and market to support the required amount of annual sales of motorcycles and supporting products in the designated dealer territory.
  3. A strong financial business and sufficient liquidity to support the dealership.
  4. A good business reputation in the local area.
  5. A minimum available credit to floor plan DiMora Custom Bikes motorcycles.
  6. Employment of  a full-time certified American V-Twin technicians with S&S, DiMora engine, and  high performance engine experience.


  • Adhere to logo and branding guidelines
  • Sell only from facility and location listed in Dealer Agreement.
  • Have and maintain equipment necessary to communicate with factory and service motorcycles.
  • Attend required Dealer Meetings and undergo required technical training.
  • Maintain sufficient parts for warranty and customer service.
  • Provide monthly sales and inventory reports.
  •  Comply with all local, state and federal laws.