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Ztango - DiMora Series 300
Dragon Series - DiMora Series 250
Sweet Tooth - DiMora Series 250
Nostalgia - DiMora Series 250
Route 66 - DiMora Series 180
Knight Moves - DiMora Series 180
Desert Blade - DiMora Series 180


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  Key Dealer Training, Programs, And Support

Key Dealer Training, Programs, And Support

New Dealer Support

For those seeking to build a new dealership or become a dealer for  the first time, DiMora Custom Bikes is building a unique consultative support arm that will assist qualified business people in becoming successful vehicle dealers.

Dealer Support Center

DiMora Custom Bikes will support its dealers with in the arenas of technical support, parts sales, and customer service.  Our team will work with yours to solve your service issues, address technical concerns, and ensure motorcycles are repaired quickly, while delivering a solid technical education program.

Technician Education Program

DiMora Custom Bikes’ Technician Education Program will provides your techs with the means to improve their performance, skills, knowledge, and professionalism.   The program will also offer on-line training for repair and maintenance.  Related sales training will provide dealer personnel with product knowledge, customer service techniques, and sales fundamentals.

Factory Rep Support

Each dealer is assigned a motorcycle sales, parts and accessories, and customer service representative to handle the needs of your dealership. In addition, a fully staffed technical support team is on hand to answer service questions.

Dealer Advisory Council

Dealers are also assigned a Dealer Advisory Council representative who brings your advice and suggestions to factory management through regular meetings.

National  and International Advertising

DiMora Custom Bikes is working with great success to achieve national and international recognition as well as unique positioning for its brand.

Dealer Communications & Exclusive Dealer Website

A secure, password-protected website gives DiMora Custom Bikes’ dealers the ability to order motorcycles, accessories, apparel, parts and marketing materials; read company news and dealer news, check co-op balances; review logo and branding guidelines; and participate in a service-based web discussion board. News is also available in regular e-mail communications or newsletters.