Featured Motorcycles

Ztango - DiMora Series 300
Dragon Series - DiMora Series 250
Sweet Tooth - DiMora Series 250
Nostalgia - DiMora Series 250
Route 66 - DiMora Series 180
Knight Moves - DiMora Series 180
Desert Blade - DiMora Series 180


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How to Order

  DiMora Custom Bikes


To begin building your custom bike, simply fill out the form below or review the following information to learn about the process.

  1. Review some of our available creations or come up with a completely unique design to begin working with us and your local dealer.
  2. Someone from DiMora Customs will contact you to gather additional information regarding your design, custom paint, special components, specifications, engine size, and many other custom features and options.
  3. We will discuss your custom bike with our design team to come up with the best design to suit your needs.
  4. Your dealer rep will contact you again with specific build information and to finalize your order.
  5. An invoice will be emailed and/or faxed to you.
  6. Remit funds to begin the build and you are on your way.  Our knowledgeable staff will work with you every step of the way to realize your creation.
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